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Barb Azan

Welcome to Barb Azan's website!

Some of you may already know but many others do not that Barb passed away of kidney failure on Novermber 17, 2008. She is now out of pain and back in the presence of dearly beloved two and four legged friends whom passed before her.

This site is to be a memorial for Barb Azan. There is a plan to have a section of this site where you can write your kind—even fun—personal thoughts and memories of our friend, Barb Azan.

Although our dear friend is gone, we want to assure all of her clients and those interested in her cat lines that her wishes and life's work still thrive. Barb honed one of the finest lines of Turkish Angora cats known, and she contributed a plethora of educational efforts to broaden the awareness of this wonderful cat into the hearts and minds of cat lovers, cat breeders, cat show judges, and others.

Along with other close friends, two of Barb's closest friends, Karen Delmont and Sue Howland, were with Barb during her last days. Karen spent all day, everyday at her side in the hospital. Until this last hospitalization popped up, plans had already been set for all of them to attend another cat show. Barb always planned and pushed forward despite her illness. She was a formidible woman!

Sue Howland was appointed executor of estate for the cattery portion of Barb's estate of which she handled the administrative tasks in the transfer and logistics of the cattery. Sue was, in large part, assisted by Kit Goodwin's tireless tenacity and 30+ years experience in the business. The preservation of Barb's Turkish Angora bloodline will be maintained through Sue's, Kit's, Karen's and other breeders' catteries.

Any initial inquiries to acquire Barb's cats and kittens, or for any other reason, can be addressed to Sue Howland at her email address below:

Sue Howland:


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While tying up loose ends of Barb's cattery estate, we find we have need
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Mithrandir's Ronan of Azima

About 1 year old in photo.



Azima's Patsy Katz